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As a resident of the Gateway House program, you have the right:

  • Not to be discriminated against because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or socio-economic status.

  • To be treated with respect and courtesy by all staff, residents and guests of the GATEWAY HOUSE

  • To personal privacy to the degree possible in a program such as the GATEWAY HOUSE

  • To confidentiality by program staff, including communications and records of your residency as authorized and required by law.

  • To a safe and clean living environment.

  • To have your expressed personal, cultural and spiritual beliefs considered when decisions are made regarding your residency, except when to do so would violate the program’s values on non-discrimination.

  • To file a complaint about your residency without fear of recrimination or penalty, to have the complaint reviewed, and whenever possible, resolved.

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