We wish to thank the many organizations and individuals who have been so generous in supporting The Gateway House.

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  • The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • The Spaulding Foundation
  • Mr. Carl Lindner
  • The Robert H. Reakirt Foundation, PNC Bank, Trustee
  • The Ohio Valley Foundation, Fifth Third Bank, Agent
  • The Ruth J. and Robert A. Conway Foundation
  • John Hauck Foundation
  • Marge & Charles J Schott Foundation Lila Gallimore Trust
  • The Alpaugh Foundation
  • The Tencinoh Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • The Pepper Family Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Woodrow and Barbara Uidle Family Fund




  • Vickie and Gregory Baker
  • Bev and Tom Barden
  • Kristine and Steve Bookman
  • Robert Brockman
  • Julie and Jason Brown
  • Frank Caliguri
  • Karen and Terrance Conklin
  • Christine Cox
  • Debra and James Dattilo
  • Kevin Cleereman
  • Freeman Durham and Dean Clevenger
  • Janet and Bernard Fassler
  • Eric Fuss
  • Margaret and Lawrence Fuss
  • Russell Frese
  • Patrick Garry
  • Timothy Garry in memory of Susan Garry
  • Paul Groneck
  • Deidra Hair
  • Stephen Helbling
  • Mary Ann and John Keating
  • David Kikly
  • Drew Knowles
  • Scott Knox
  • Kathy and Leslie Lefevre
  • Kelly Mathias
  • Sharon and Richard Mattes
  • Joe Mendelsohn
  • Carol and Robert Nieberding
  • Majorie Paolino
  • Francie and John Pepper
  • Doreen Quinn
  • Michael Ruh
  • Mark Schuller
  • James Schumacher
  • Carol Serrone
  • Tarriq Siddaqi and Beth Clark
  • Elizabeth Stone
  • Laurence Weber
  • Gerri and Bob Wernert
  • Judy and William Williams, Jr.
  • Maris and Ernest Wolke
  • Billie and Timothy Yeomans
  • AND
  • The residents of the Gateway House